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Wylde Ivy mini review & intro

This is my first review here, so I thought I'd sort of introduce myself while I'm at it. I'm 23 years old, a recent university graduate, and Canadian. Oh, and I ♥ lip balm like nobody's business. As such, a good portion of my future reviews will probably involve lip balm, and possible notation as to whether a particular e-tailer is Canadian-friendly (that is to say... the e-tailer accepts non-US credit cards and ships to Canada, and the shipping fees aren't ridiculously expensive in comparison to domestic shipping fees). I'm pretty new to the whole e-tailer thing, and scented body products in general... It's only recently that I've started to use scented lotions and perfumes/fragrances on a regular basis, but I'm mostly a fruity-foody person, preferring berry and lemon scents. I'm also really into Demeter fragrances, but they don't have much staying power when I wear them, so I'm on a quest to find products by e-tailers that are similar, but last longer :) Sorry for babbling on, I guess I should say I tend to write a lot as well :p

From Wylde Ivy

My order:

Chocolate Fatale Zoft Conditioning Bar: A Wylde Ivy Exclusive! If you love chocolate, this is the scent for you! Chocolate Fatale is all about rich, bitter, dark chocolate!

Originally, I had ordered the S'mores conditioning bar, but Ashlee had unfortunately sold out. So she gave me the option of removing it from my order, or selecting a different scent. I think both the S'mores and the Chocolate Fatale were limited edition Scent of the Month products. She also included two soap "sniffies", one in S'mores and one in Chocolate Fatale. When I sniffed the soap samples, I have to say I was worried, because the Chocolate Fatale smelled weird and spicy and herbally, and I didn't really know what the S'mores smelled like. When I actually opened the tin for the conditioning bar though, it smelled really good. I wouldn't say like dark chocolate, but more of a creamy sweet cocoa butter scent. The conditioning bar is interesting; it takes a bit of getting used to, because I've always used liquid shampoo and conditioner, so I'm used the feeling of having lather and then slick lotiony liquid. The solid conditioner, however, you just sort of massage or run over your wet hair, and rinse out. I kept overdoing it the first few times, but you only really need to use a bit, and it leaves your hair nice and soft and lightly scented.

Blackberry Cotton Candy All Olive Lotion: A Wylde Ivy Exclusive! Juicy ripe Blackberries bursting with flavor mixed with sweet pink Cotton Candy makes an outstanding combo and a bestseller!

OMG I love this scent. It's so delicious and sweet but not too sweet, and fruity and whoa. I practically want to drink the lotion. I'm almost out of it though, so I really have to ration myself, haha! The lotion is not too heavy or greasy, and is perfect for all-over moisturizing right after my showers.

Peaches & Cream Double Takes Lip Balm:

Ashlee offers a few different Double Takes lip balms, however, the other flavours were sold out, (I had wanted the berry one) so I picked this one. I didn't realise that the two flavours alternated in layers; I thought it was just one thick layer of one flavour, and then another thick layer of the other, but no. The texture for the balms are really nice; I love shea butter and other rich ingredients in my lip balms. The scent- more apricot than peach to me, and I really don't smell the vanilla cream. The tube is a bit unusual, in that it's clear and taller than your average lip balm tube. It has a different style of clicking up, and Ashlee's done a lovely job of packaging with the clear labels. I have to say that I like the simple, yet elegant designs on her labels and packaging. The only downside to this, I would have to say, is that when I'm finishing one layer, that thin layer of balm tends to separate from the one underneath it, so you get this thin disc of lip balm sliding around and occasionally coming off on you lips. However, I think I'll order this in another flavour, when it becomes available, because I really like the texture and the moisturizing qualities.

Blackberry Apple Sorbet Soap: A medley of Blackberries, Strawberries, Pears, and Apples whipped with a hint of light cream…reforumalated to add a touch of tartness.

I haven't used this soap yet, so I can't really say. At first, I didn't smell much from it, but now that it's been sitting around in my warm room for nearly a month, it's starting to smell more, and it's really quite nice. Fruity and berry smells- I'm looking forward to using this one.

Soap Flower 3-Pack: This was a freebie on orders over $25, I think. A three pack of small flower-shaped soaps. I think they included: Summer Fling- All the best things of summer wrapped up into one clean, fresh scent. Raspberries, peaches, and summer florals await!; Beachin’ Berries~ A Wylde Ivy Exclusive! A full out Summer fragrance that combines Suntan Lotion and Strawberries! Smelling this actually makes me hear the crash of the ocean waves and the bustle of the boardwalk and feel the hot sun on my face. If you are looking for a great summer fragrance that doesn’t contain coconut or you just need a mini “mind vacation” this is the scent for you!; and Cucumber & Chamomile- Back for another summer, our Cucumber & Chamomile soap is sweet, green, and refreshing. Made with real cucumbers with aloe added to the mix, this soap is cool and refreshing.

I haven't used these yet, but they are quite cute. Unfortunately, they've been sitting together for a while, so the scents aren't too distinct at this point. Well, I can definitely tell which one is C&C because it's green, but yeah...

Shipping to Canada was very reasonable- $4.65. Unfortunately, I can't recall how long it took to get here, but it was probably about a week and a half to two weeks, which can be expected ;:\

Ashlee was very friendly, and I plan on ordering from her soon (I need more Blackberry Cotton Candy!), however they're currently closed due to flooding and subsequent renovations. They're planning on reopening with limited stock in the next week or so, so we'll have to see how it goes. I really want to order her perfumes (she puts little Swarovski crystals in each bottle, how pretty!) but apparently alcohol perfumes aren't supposed to be mailed internationally... I think it might be okay if it's by surface mail though? Something for me to look into :)
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