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Lemming Central Sampler Box vs. Little Black Box

I got the LBB just a few days ago, so I'm prepared for a comparison!

LBB had more of the well-known etailers, I think I mentioned that in my last comparison, and it stayed true this time around. The highlights of LBB were the Callisto and Wylde Ivy goodies- they alone were almost worth the purchase of the box.

The highlights of the LC box was a cute Soap Kebob from Downtown Bath & Soap. Anything unique like that generally catches my eye ;) The Tika Soy bag was very nice, had a tart, a lip balm, and a body butter- like the Callisto & Wylde Ivy samplers from LBB, this bag had a variety of products; love it! The Gold Canyon tealights smelled wonderful. I think this box started off on the right foot because of the amazing smell from all the tarts in it! Something the LBB box was lacking. There was also a cute Air Freshener from Foster's Creations, a massage oil from Prarieland (oooo, might have to use this tonight!), nice tarts from Dragonfly Candles, a bag of sample tarts and tealights from Things That Make Scents, a Kristine's Shower creme in Peach Fuzz (smells great, and glad that she's sending samples in things other than soaps!), and a couple mini tarts from Pacific Scents.. I think that was all of it!

LC's box had one thing the LBB box seemed to lack- coupon codes. The first LBB had TONS of coupon codes! I even got an envelope that was full of them. This time around I think there was 1 in all the samples I got (yup, just checked, one). For the LC box, almost every etailer seemed to offer *something* for ordering.

The LC box definitely had more tarts this time around. I found this really odd because the new owner of LC is a tart etailer! But, I think it's cool that she is allowing competition to take it's course; it's not like she is wanting all the business for tarts.

LBB had more B&B items, they had the scrubs, the creams, the lotions, the soaps, the bath bombs.

Overall, I like both for different reasons... I can't say one is better than the other, but I do think that LC has pulled their act together on these boxes!
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